Hello readers and listeners! 

cropped-shiraz2boiselogobigWe are going to do a podcast and publish it here, very simple right? Well, we are two friends, Farzan Faramarzi and Devon Callaway. We live in Boise, ID which is situated in the northwestern region of the US. We both went to Boise State University, Go Broncos! And we both studied Communication. At BSU we had lots of great times, including working on University Television programs and short films. Devon was born and raised right in Boise, Idaho. Farzan, however was born in Shiraz, a city in south-central Iran. 

We like to think of ourselves as movie buffs. And sometimes we have taken on the role of director as well as many other roles for short films and other media! That’s not fake news, we have evidence to support it. Farzan is a long time blogger, has his own website, and he used to have a podcast in his native language of Farsi. So, we thought why not create a new podcast in English. We thought it was a great idea to start a podcast, so we can let the creativity flow like the good old days of our college years!

We want to talk about movies, TV series- Farzan loves to spoil TV series, and he does it in his leisure time. If we have enough time we may even talk about video games- Devon is a bit of a video game junkie and he would definitely enjoy talking about the latest and greatest games that are out. Also we may talk about culture, politics, social issues and life in general, cool?

To learn more about us, you better listen to our podcast. We will start soon, so stay tuned.


Devon and Farzan