Episode 7: Okja

okjapostertrailerOkja is the story of a little girl named Mija and her best friend Okja who happens to be a genetically superior pig who was made in a lab by an evil corporation called Mirando. This story is set in a not too distant future in South Korea and in New York city.

This is a heartwarming tale of a girl and her giant mutant pig. It is also the tale of animal rights activists doing battle with a Monsanto-like corporation that wants to turn said pig, allegedly the cutest in a batch whipped up by genetic scientists, into a poster animal for a revolutionary line of meat products.

Ok so let’s jump right into this episode:


Now it’s time for Farzan’s Fun Facts:

1-    There is a post-credit scene.

2-    At one point in the movie, the character played by ‘Giancarlo Esposito (I)’ can briefly be seen checking the bottom of a cup of coffee. This is a nod to the famous “Kobayashi” cup in _The Usual Suspects (1995)_, a film Esposito also starred in.

3-    This will be the second Netflix movie co-produced by Plan B Entertainment. The first movie is War Machine.

4-    Tilda Swinton (Lucy Mirando / Nancy Mirando) also played her own twin in Hail, Caesar! Apparently she likes to be her own twin sister.


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