Monday – a Reel Brothers i48 2017 Film

This time we have a short film for you. Devon and his friends participated in i48 Film Festival and Competition here in Boise, ID.

The Idaho Forty Eight Hour Film Competition and Festival hosts teams of filmmakers from around Idaho. Each team has 48 hours to write, pre-produce, cast, shoot, and edit, an original short film three to six minutes long. Each team is given a genre, line of dialogue, character name, and a prop that they are required to use in the short film.

Synopsis: Written, shot, and edited over the span of 48 hours “Monday” tells the story of an average office at a miscellaneous tech company. The people who work there appear somewhat normal, off work is a different story. The new guy shows up for his first day not knowing what he was in for.

Please watch Devon’s short film: Monday – a Reel Brothers i48 2017 Film

i48 2017 Film Festival –
Group: Reel Brothers
Title: “Monday”
Genre: Comedy
Character name: Diana or Dylan Patch
Line of Dialogue: “Is this some kind of game?”
Prop: Sound dampening ear muffs.

Directed by Devon Callaway and Kyel Shippey
Written by Reel Brothers
Edited by Devon Callaway
Camera by Devon Callaway, Lisa Strader, and Kyel Shippey
Audio/Grip by Lisa Strader, Stewart Saeed, and Devon Callaway

James Masson
Devon Callaway
Chasen Callaway
Stewart Saeed
Kyel Shippey
Lisa Strader
Pat Callaway

This film made as part of i48/2017.

The film entry titled “Monday” was created by our i48 group Reel Brothers and submitted on June 04, 2017


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