Episode 4: Master of None

masterofnoneIt’s no secret that Aziz Ansari’s Netflix Original Series Master Of None has become an instant Netflix favorite among viewers. The show has been critically acclaimed for many reasons, including its great soundtrack throughout both the first and second season, and it’s incredibly interesting and diverse use of characters.

The music of season one was called “prolific and distinctive” by critics at Pitchfork. Each song used set the tone of the episode and also helped create an emotionally symbolic backdrop for the main character Dev played by Aziz as he goes through his many misfortunes in New York City among other places. But season two’s narrative launch in Italy takes the soundtrack into equally distinct, if not more diverse musical directions.

without further ado let’s listen to our podcast on Master of None:

I checked Aziz Ansari official website but I couldn’t find his bio there!! So, I checked his Wikipedia page. Aziz Ansari was born in Columbia, South Carolina, to a Tamil Muslim family from Tamil Nadu, India. He was born in February 23, 1983. He is an American actor, comedian, writer, producer, director.

ap_688989647357_custom-65f84e2528c61e69ef8b3ac5832d9f9b79ac2a2a-s900-c85“Ansari grew up in Bennettsville, South Carolina, where he attended Marlboro Academy as well as the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics. He graduated from the New York University Stern School of Business with a major in marketing. His mother, Fatima, works in a medical office, and his father, Shoukath, is a gastroenterologist. Both Fatima and Shoukath have appeared on Master of None seasons 1 and 2.”

Here’s the music video we talked about:

If you want to read Aziz’s article about modern love, you can find it here. And his article about travel ban is here. Enjoy!

Time for things you didn’t know aka fun facts:

  • Dev’s Parents Are Aziz’s Actual Parents. Despite them not being real actors, the audience just loved them both.

  • Aziz Also Interned for Nickelodeon. The show borrows many elements from Ansari’s personal life. Like his character, the actor also did an internship at Nickelodeon. He confessed this via his Twitter account a few months ago

  • Aziz’s Brother Was One of the Show’s Writers. It’s all about the Ansari family here. Aziz published on Twitter that his brother, Aniz, was a staff writer for the show and actually got some of his favorite jokes

  • Paro the Seal is Real. If you were wondering if it really exists… it does. The robotic seal was created in Japan for therapeutic purposes


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